ANG CO502 USB And PD Charger

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ANG CO502 USB and PD Charger

Buy ANG C0502 USB and PD charger work efficiently and quickly available in wholesale prices at Mobyfy.

Charge your USB-enabled device and USB-A device quickly and efficiently while you are in the car with this versatile car charger ANG C0502 USB and PD charger connector allows for 50% faster charger compared to the other car charger.

Design: the sleek, minimalist design matches your car’s interior, and its small power light lets you know your device is charging. Unimpeded port access and the perfect fit in any vehicle 

USB 3.0: Type-C devices, and it supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology as well.

The other port is a standard USB port, but it uses Power 2.0 technology, which is supposed to charge older USB-based smartphones much faster than another charger.

One Charger, Any Device: Charge standard USB phones and tablets, all from one travel-ready car charger. Faster Than Fast: Power Delivery technology provides a blazing-fast charge to USB devices, while our flagship Power 2. 0 technology pumps out full-speed charging for original USB.

Fast Car Charger for iPhone: The Car charger built-in advanced PD Technology chipset dynamically detects devices to deliver optimum power level for 18W fast charges your iPhone fast charging for iPhone 8 Plus and newer models, and other devices supporting PD

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. 0: up to 4X faster-charging speed than standard chargers by using this Quick car charger equipped with advanced circuit protection to prevent overcharging and a built-in LED light indicator helps to signify the charge is ready to use.

Dual Charge & amp; Certified Safe Advanced dual charging port, provides full-speed charging for two devices at the same time. Certified with CE, the Qi safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.

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