B-8000 Strength Glue Adhesive for Phone Screen 100Ml

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B-8000 Strength Glue Adhesive for Phone Screen 100ML

The best use of temperature should be between 18-32 degrees. After opening the cover please timely cover stitch removal for the adhesive residue on the cover Wait for 1-2 minutes. Straight hours can be after 48 hours to achieve the best bonding strength. B8000 is a kind of glue adhesive glue can join phone screens, toys, flowers, jewellery, handicrafts and other industries of environmental protection special adhesive bonding, compared with other B8000 adhesives, irritating odour small but also with a fresh fragrance. The film has high elasticity, soft, waterproof and anti-vibration. It works on the metal, glass, ceramic, stone, bamboo, wood, cloth, leather, ABS, nylon, sponge, film, fabric, Electronic components, plastics, rubber, fibre has very good bonding properties.

Appearance: Semi-Transparent floating body Solid content: 30%-35%

After curing hardness: 65-80A Surace drying time: 3 minutes

Completely cure time: 24-48 hours Save: at 10 degrees to 28 degrees of preservation

Best bonding strength: It is straight hours can be after 48 hours to achieve the best bonding strength


1, B7000 glue may irritate the skin and eyes

2, recommended for use in a well-ventilated environment

3, If in case of contact with eyes please rinse with plenty of water

4, Away from the children away from the fire source storage, production operation

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