Bottom Screws for iPhone 6S/6S Plus

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How to install/ tips

  • please choose the right part before placing an order. All of our iPhone 6S/6S Plus repair parts are factory tested before we ship. As a bonus, a free pry tool and adhesive to assist in your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Bottom Peantalobe Screws. This is a new proprietary style screw. It needs a special tool to remove or install it.
  • Please try to handle the repair and replacement workplace is a dry and dust-free environment and avoids direct sunlight.
  • The installation of the new parts must be done by eh expert person, the company is not responsible for any damage during the installation.
  • You can power off your phone before begin to disassemble, you can remove the two 3.6mm long peantalobe screw, that is located next to the lightning connector.
  • You can reassemble your device and follow the instruction in reverse order.
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