Compatible Replacement Front Camera for iPhone XS

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Compatible Replacement Front Camera for iPhone XS

The front-facing camera is launched, then it made a milestone in the camera, every smartphone started to come with the front-facing camera come in a different range.  In the recent era, the most popular companies Samsung, Oppo, Vivo are most focused on the front-facing camera because of the selfie lovers. On a daily basis, the company increase the capacity of megapixels come with the new selfie camera 

Bezel-less without notch: Front camera needs someplace in upper place of your smartphone. When it is built without a camera then you will have a big display.

No requirement of notch screen: - On display, phone manufacture ring companies launched a notch display. In this type of display, a place where the camera is placed is blank for the camera and both side of the front camera you can use for display.

Elusive and cool impression: - This type of display looks good as compared to the notch display. It generates good quality results  while displaying videos on full-screen mode

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