Apple iPhone 6G Vibrator Replacement

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Apple iPhone 6G Vibrator Replacement

The iPhone 6G Vibrator Replacement makes the phone vibrate when you set the ringer to buzz.  If you set your phone to buzz/vibrate and it will not do so the vibrate motor is worn out or broken.  This part will enable you to fix your iPhone 6 Plus and have it like new again.

Quality control: All mobile phone spare parts must pass the inspection of our professional QC team.

Delivery time:  the product is delivered within 1 or 2 days in the working days,

Product model: We can offer all kinds of spare parts for mobile phone;

Information: We share the latest information about mobile phone spare parts in the Chinese market with all our customers.

How to Install / Tips:
Please choose the right part before placing an order.
● please try to handle the repair or replacement work in a dry and dust-free an environment without direct sunlight.
● Special tooling is required for the repair or replacement work.
● the installation of any new parts should be done by a qualified person. 

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